Our Maples


Native maples in the Pacific Northwest are the bigleaf maple and the vine maple. Japanese maples thrive in our climate. We don't have much snow in the winter, so trees with many lateral branches and no strong leader have less danger of being damaged by heavy snowfall.

Fall color of Japanese maples in the Pacific Northwest is excellent, in spite of our rainy weather. The native maples don't make much of a display, although vine maples in open areas can get quite bright.

Japanese Maple 'Omurayama'
Acer palmatum 'Omurayama'

 Fall Foliage of 'Omurayama'

'Omurayama' is a Japanese maple with deeply divided leaves. In time it will become a tall, spreading tree with a curtain of cascading branches.

When we bought 'Omurayama' two years ago, it was about 5-1/2 feet tall, upright, and narrow. It is beginning to acquire its mature shape. This photo was taken in April when the tree was just over six feet tall and had a spread of more than seven feet.

When 'Omurayama' first leafs out, its foliage is light green. Its color darkens to medium green by summer. Fall color of 'Omurayama' is bright with gold and orange.