Our Front Yard Garden

Eastern Side of the Yard
Eastern Side of our Lot

This is the eastern side of our lot, right along the street. You can see a small piece of the curb at the bottom right of the photo. In bloom are the star magnolia, Magnolia stellata , the pink winter currant, Ribes sanguineum , and lots of light-blue forget-me-nots, Myosotis sylvatica . Seeds of the forget-me-nots blew in from elsewhere in the yard, and they like this area. The yellow-green shrub is a mock orange, Philadelphus coronarius 'Aureus' . We had admired a neighbor's mock orange, and she was kind enough to give us a piece of her plant. The mock orange is very fragrant when in bloom. After it blooms, its leaves darken to medium green.

Front Yard

Looking east across our front yard. This photo was taken in early July.

The large tree in the foreground is one of our Japanese maples, 'Osakazuki.' The Inner Garden bed is across the lawn on the left. The light blurs are daisies and feverfew growing at the west end of the Inner Garden. A silver feather grass is behind the Inner Garden and to the right, a blue-green mass. Right of that is a Sargent crabapple with the purple blooms of a Jackman clematis dimly visible. Behind the crabapple is a cultivar of the western red cedar, 'Excelsa.' It's about 15 feet tall. The Blueberry Garden bed is to the right of 'Excelsa' and is mostly hidden by 'Osakazuki.' You can see some of the yellow sun drops and white regal lilies across the lawn to the right of 'Osakazuki.'

The color on the right side of the photo, right of the lawn, is from daylilies in our Lawn Garden. The two rose bushes in the right foreground are 'Peace' and 'Altissimo.'

All those tall trees in the background on the right are across the street, half a block away. The tall bare trunk on the left is one of our Douglas firs. You can see Boston ivy growing on it. That Boston ivy has a lot of tree to climb on! Behind the bare trunk you see the branches of our neighbor's Douglas fir across the street.